“A spiritual successor to a project that helped define Rocket League” – Chatting with Psyonix on Knockout Bash

In case you’ve not been keeping up with Rocket League, the football driving hybrid that’s been trucking along with its own distinct community over the past few years, you may have missed the launch of Knockout Bash mode. While only available for a limited time, this event shifts the focus away from goals and footballs and towards a more combat-centric experience.

The development team talked more about this mode in their ‘Under the Hood’ video (embedded below), but we reached out to senior game designer Josh Watson to dig a little deeper into what inspired the first update to drive away from the ball, how the new combat system was designed, and the future on future modes in a similar style.

VG247: You talked in the Under The Hood video about inspirations for this mode. What caused the team to go “now’s the time for a non-soccer option”.

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