Adorable dinosaur theme park sim Parkasaurus makes console debut on Switch tomorrow

Parkasuarus, WashBear Studio’s thoroughly enjoyable dinosaur theme park sim, is making its console debut tomorrow, 28th April, as it brings its adorable management action to Switch.

Parkasaurus, for those yet to experience the game’s vibrant, dino-infused spin on the classic theme park management formula, challenges players to build and run their very own dinosaur-flavoured tourist attraction – a task requiring them to hurtle back to the past to unearth new dinosaurs then build the perfect habitats to keep them happy, ensuring their specific terrain, water, food, privacy, and scenery needs are met.

And on top of all that, there are the usual park management demands to content with, ranging from landscaping and staff wrangling to ensuring all guests’ needs – be they food, entertainment, merchandise, or bowel related – are adequately catered for.

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