Anti-grav racing sequel Redout 2 launches later this month

Redout 2, the sequel to 34BigThings’s blisteringly fast, wonderfully stylish anti-grav racer, now has a release date and will be speeding onto Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC on 26th May.

Building on the acclaimed racing action of its 2016 predecessor, Redout 2 features 36 new tracks (plus mirror variants of each) which can be experienced in its 12-player online races or single-player career campaign – which promises “hundreds” of events from a variety of different modes, including the likes of Arena Races, Time Attacks, Last Man Standing, and Boss Races.

Elsewhere, the original game’s extensive customisation options return, with players now able to start with one of 12 distinct chassis and then built on that from a selection of rocket engines, propulsors, stabilsers, rudders, magnets, intercoolers, flaps, wings, and spoilers.

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