Blanka and Sakura come to Fortnite alongside limited-time competitive event

It’s round two for the Street Fighter and Fortnite crossover, as both Sakura and Blanka are headed to the popular battle royale in the form of character outfits. Alongside each world warrior, players will be able to pick up alternate costumes for each fighter, as well as a unique pickaxe, back bling, and emote.

In addition, a Blanka and Sakura cup is coming for those looking to flex their skills. This limited-time playlist comes in two forms, a mobile only event on April 27, as well as a larger event which encompases all platforms on April 28. Players will have to both eliminate others and land top positions over ten matches to earn points. If you’re one of the best in your region, an exclusive Sakura and Blanka loading screen is yours for the taking!

This is the second Street Fighter crossover, since Ryu and Chun-Li joined the expansive roster of guest characters this February. In the run up to Street Fighter 6, it seems as though the classic cast will continue to make explosive appearances in the game. In fact, the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted Cammy and Guile in the background of the aforementioned loading screen reward. They can be seen watching as Sakura and Blanka destroy Peely’s car as is Street fighter tradition.

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