Connect traincars in puzzler Railbound from Golf Peaks and inbento makers

Afterburn is quickly becoming one of my favorite puzzle developers, and if I'm honest, it's mostly because they keep coming up with somewhat surprising concepts. Their latest will be Railbound, a “relaxing puzzle game about fixing train connections” that sounds like it'll be just up my alley too.

Railbound is set to release this year, and it'll come out on computers, mobile, and Switch. To me, that looks like a primo title to play on Steam Deck.

In Railbound, players will solve puzzles by changing rail routes to connect cars to the locomotive in proper order. They'll do that by bending, placing, and removing rail connections. Those connections then get twisted by tunnels, semaphores, gates, and the like.

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Afterburn is a small puzzle developer who previously made Golf Peaks and inbento, both of which are quite fun puzzle games with weird concepts.

You can find Railbound on its official website, on Steam, and it'll probably pop up on Afterburn's store too.

Railbound concept

(Image credit: Afterburn)