Details about unannounced military shooter Arma Reforger have leaked online

Earlier this week, Bohemia Interactive dropped a save the date for “Future of Arma”, an upcoming livestream set to reveal what’s next for the tactical military shooter.

Earlier today, however, an alleged marketing and brand guide leaked online, revealing that a new multi-platform instalment, Arma Reforger, is on the way to PC. It looks like it’s set to come to Xbox and PlayStation consoles, too, although the wording is a tad confusing, so it’s possible the PS4 and PS5 release will come “in the future”.

The leak intimates that the company is set to announce Arma 4 alongside Reforger, which has been called a “more focused” title that will “introduce Arma to a new console-oriented audience” with a “very strong multiplayer focus” that will “test new technology and design decisions to form the foundation for Arma 4.”

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