DF Direct Weekly on PS5 VRR, Steam Deck’s 40Hz upgrade and 900W next-gen GPUs

It’s been a barren few weeks for gaming and technology news, but it looks like things are finally picking up! John, Rich and Alex share initial findings on PlayStation 5 VRR, discuss Valve’s new 40-60Hz display support for Steam Deck… and what to make of the PlayStation “Preservation Group”?

First up, the long-awaited arrival of variable refresh rate support, also known as VRR, on the PlayStation 5. This technology has long been part of the landscape on PC and Xbox, but makes its PlayStation debut this week. The idea here is smoothing out uneven frame delivery, eliminating screen tearing and judder without the heavy input lag penalty of traditional v-sync. Recent PS5 releases like Elden Ring have really underscored the need for the tech, so does this release put the PS5 on feature parity with the other platforms? As always, the devil is in the details, and our testing unearthed some unique quirks to the implementation that are worth discussing in a weekly gaming tech show.

Another big release comes in beta form for the Steam Deck: user-adjustable screen refresh rate support. Rather than opting for 60Hz, which the Steam Deck can’t deliver in all titles, you can now manually set the refresh rate to anything between 40Hz and 60Hz, which makes it easier to ensure even frame delivery and therefore a visually smoother experience than a frame-rate that ping-pongs between 30 and 60. 40Hz is exactly between 30Hz and 60Hz when it comes to frame times (16.66ms -> 25ms -> 33.33ms), which is why we’ve seen it appear as an option in some Insomniac games on PS5, for instance.

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