Disney unveils free-to-play village life sim starring a bunch of classic characters

Thanks to the success of Stardew Valley, these days you can barely move for video games insistently attempting to thrust you into some idyllic digital corner for a bout of wholesome pal-making or enthusiastic vegetable palpating, and now it’s Disney’s turn to get in on the action with its newly announced free-to-play village life sim Dreamlight Valley.

The set-up for Dreamlight Valley goes that, once upon a time, a bunch of Disney and Pixar characters all lived happily together in the idyllic land of the title – until, that is, a cataclysmic event known as the Forgetting stole everyone’s memories. It’s up to players, then, to explore and restore the kingdom (and its inhabitants’ memories too), in an adventure that combines life-sim-style action with more traditional questing.

As Dreamlight Valley unfolds, players will be able to travel to exotic biomes beyond the village and befriend classic Disney and Pixar characters – each with their own story arcs, quests, and rewards – including the likes of Elsa and Anna in a snowy, Frozen-inspired kingdom, Aerial in a tropical corner of the world, and even the Lion King crew across a sunny savanna.

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