Elden Ring is gaming’s biggest liar

Elden Ring seems like your average RPG on the surface. It’s got all the usual components; a magical world of fantasy, political intrigue, impossibly large weapons, and the promise of a fight against a god at the end. It even turns out you fight more than just one god before the credits roll – and that’s the least of the game’s deceptions.

Elden Ring ending and full game spoilers below.

Elden Ring is built on deception. It lies to you. Not just once, but for the entire game, turning you into an unwitting champion for a cycle of abuse and oppression. It starts at the beginning. The scene opens on a grim picture: Queen Marika the Eternal is missing, we’re told, presumably the result of some unknown third party busting the Elden Ring and plunging the world into civil war. That’s the cue for the Tarnished to head back home and restore order.

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