Elden Ring’s map doesn’t look so big when you mainline it to the end

Of all the impressions Elden Ring made on everyone when they got their hands on it, one in particular has endured in the weeks and months since its release. That, of course, being how deceptively massive its world is. Part of that is intentional, as the game constantly “lies” about the true size of its map, and keeps expanding it every time you think you’re about to reach the edge.

But Elden Ring also doesn’t tell you about the handful of areas hidden underground, or the many caverns and mines dotted around its mountains. If you simply want to reach the end of the game in the most efficient way (that doesn’t involve speed running), you’re going to be playing a different game than the one everyone has been.

It’s common knowledge now that you only need two Great Runes before you can make it into the final area of the game, which then puts you on a path to a particular hidden zone to get an item needed to beat the final boss.

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