Everything About CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification

The flagship program of Cisco, the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification, is regarded as one of the most advanced and pertinent certifications available in the IT and software networking industry. Just click for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure info.

A wide range of networking options is included in the recently revised CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure in addition to Cisco technology to meticulously prepare students for a variety of problems and tasks they would face in the real world.

This certification provides leaders with the necessary skills to face and successfully resolve the industry’s most critical network assignment problems. It is updated to the most standards and gives expanded technical understanding and here you can find more info.

Everything About CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification
Everything About CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification

The required examination

The test needed for a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is the 350-401 ENCOR. Your understanding of implementing fundamental corporate network technologies, such as IPV 4 and IPV 6, will be tested in a two-hour exam. The following sections also make up this test and serve as guides for its subject matter:


Your ability to generate legitimate JSON encoded files, comprehend key Python constructs, describe APIs, describe high-level values, and make use of the data modeling language are all tested in this exam.


Your comprehension of the setup and verification of wireless security features, the description of REST API security, the details of the components of network security architecture, and more get tested by this quiz.

Network security:

It covers: the use of ping, debugs, traceroute, and other tools to identify network problems. Additionally, there are articles on organizing and validating flexible Netflow, NetFlow, and other subtopics, as well as setting up and authenticating device monitoring using Syslog for remote logging. In addition, subjects like architecture, infrastructure, and virtualization get discussed.

Lab analysis

Taking the lab exam gets the second step to becoming a CCIE Enterprise specialist. The diverse business networks, including their design, operation, optimization, and lifespan, will be a massive focus of the 8-hour practical test.

It covers a variety of subjects, including infrastructure automation and programmability, transport technologies and solutions, network architecture, and software-defined infrastructure, just as the qualifying examination.

You can time yourself with the help of practice papers. To get ready for the test, you need to thoroughly study the subject. You may need the information online or in several books. For accurate information, be sure the websites you are considering are legitimate and official.


There aren’t any legal requirements for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification test, and you should have a firm grasp of the subject matter.

Candidates taking these tests should have three to five years of professional expertise in planning, implementing, and optimizing corporate networking systems.

CCIE Enterprise Certification Exam Pattern

One must pass two examinations to earn the CCIE Enterprise Certification: a written exam (ENCOR 350-401) and a lab exam (v1.0 lab), each of which has 120 questions that must get answered in 120 minutes. The examinations cost USD 450 and need a passing grade of 82.5% or 825 points out of 1000.

Although passing the test on the first try is not easy, it is possible with the correct training and direction. The CCIE Enterprise Certification also loses validity after three years. Once it has expired, one must get it recertified.

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