Genshin Impact player choreographs dance to Zhongli’s theme

A passionate Genshin Impact fan has expressed their love for a certain handsome geo character via a dance performance. Sharing this on the Genshin Impact Reddit, they’ve been met with a wave of love from other players. We reached out to the dancer themselves, user Baguette1006, to get some extra info on the event.

The dancer, who has been playing Genshin Impact since 2020, performed this routine at a charity dance meet that they competed in back in January this year. During the video listed in the Reddit post, we see them pull off a variety of moves in time with Zhongli’s theme, Rex Incognito.

“I chose Zhongli’s theme because it was one of my favourite themes from Genshin and it just suited me well. I choreograph a lot so I created this dance by just going through the motions and seeing what fit together.”

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