Grounded’s latest update adds faction reactivity and horde-style bug invasions

Grounded, developer Obsidian’s inch-high garden survival adventure, has just dropped another update on the road to its Version 1.0 release later this year, introducing what sounds like a sort of on-demand horde mode for players wishing to farm and battle particular enemies.

As explained in a new developer video, the idea behind Grounded’s Bugs Strike Back update is to introduce – in “true Obsidian fashion” – Faction Reactivity. Essentially, the more players bother specific bug types in their quest for new materials – whether that be by killing them outright or merely invading their territory – the more likely those creatures will be to storm player bases to try and exact revenge.

While that’ll happen automatically during play, those looking for a more on-demand-style experience can take advantage of two additional features. There’s the new Waft Emitter device that enables players to summon specific bug types to a location for some wave-based mayhem by jamming in parts stolen from their downed brethren. The more parts used, the more intense the ensuing battle will be so players are recommended to proceed cautiously.

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