How To Do It And Does It Still Work?

In order to view any message on Snapchat, swipe left, and the sender will get a notice. You may still view the whole message without opening it if you half-swipe the screen by touching on the sender’s symbol.

This functionality was updated in 2021 to let the sender to get alerts even if the message recipient utilized the half-swipe approach.

Your little emoji will display in the conversation anytime you see someone’s message, letting them know that you’ve seen it.

As a result, the half-swipe approach is no longer functional.

Although the half-swipe option has been removed for more than a year, some people are still under the misconception that it works.

Some Snapchat users who are aware of the changes have requested that the half-swipe technique be reinstated.

“So Snap alerts people when you half-swipe their chat?” “I hope that’s not true,” one person tweeted.

“This is my request for Snapchat to eliminate the half-swipe feature for everyone but me since it’s one of the things that irritates me the most,” another commented.

“I wish you could half-swipe Snapchat photographs,” someone other said.

“Wait, do people actually get alerts when they half-swipe your chat?” enquired another concerned user.

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