Is Danielle Panabaker Leaving The Flash?

Is Danielle Panabaker on her way out of The Flash at the end of season 8? Perhaps you’re wondering because Caitlin Snow isn’t here. Meanwhile, we already know Killer Frost is no longer alive.

Let’s start by putting your mind at (relative) ease: Danielle and Caitlin will not be departing the program anytime soon.

Is Danielle Panabaker leaving The Flash?

The actress directed tonight’s episode, and she may be out for the rest of the season due to maternity leave. It’s possible she’ll show up in some manner, but we wouldn’t put our hopes on it.

When it comes to Caitlin’s future, we believe that one of the most important stories will be the state of her relationship with Barry.

She’s furious with him for now allowing her to resurrect Frost in some form, and this could lead to a terrible turn for the character. If such is the case, we will not have the opportunity to witness it.

Things start to get a little more strange after this season. We already know that The Flash has been renewed for a ninth season, and that Grant Gustin has agreed to join the cast.

However, we have yet to hear positive news concerning Danielle or Candice Patton, at least for the time being. If this is to be the final season (which appears to be the case), we’d like to see as many of the original cast members as possible!

We already know that Jesse L. Martin will not be a series regular, so we’ll be focusing on an even smaller set of characters in general. (Hopefully, we’ll hear back on some of this in the coming weeks.)


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