Latest Horizon Forbidden West patch fixes it to where you no longer get stuck in the bathroom

Guerrilla Games has released patch 1.12 for Horizon Forbidden West, and contains plenty of fixes for quests, machines, and other multiple issues.

There are some known issues the patch doesn’t fix that the development team is working to address. These include continuing to make tweaks to reduce visual shimmering, the inability to trade with Abadund, the inability to complete the Frostclaw-related quest, issues with progression in some missions, and outfits appearing to be covered by dark shadows in inventory.

As far as what’s been fixed is concerned, the funniest issue (and probably one of the most frustrating) of being stuck in the bathroom in the Base has been addressed. As far as quests, you will five five main quests, eight side quests, and eight world quests fixed.

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