Let’s talk about Gex, baby: Why Embracer should revive gaming’s worst mascot

I’ve got a soft spot for what, I’m told, are ‘shit games’. From Croc: Legend of the Gobbos to Summoner, my taste in old PlayStation titles is, admittedly, probably quite patchy. People tell me that being an apologist for Gex should see my right to write about games revoked – that I can’t possibly know what I’m on about if I’ve got a soft spot for the literal lounge lizard’s dodgy platforming and questionable taste levels.

To those people I say: I really hope we get a new Gex.

Some context; until very recently, the Gex franchise was owned by Square Enix – the Japanese developer acquired the Gex IP (probably reluctantly) when it purchased developer Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive back in 2009.

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