Lia Thomas Before And After Surgery Photos

Unlike other celebrities, Lia Thomas made it into the news or become a social media sensation due to her sexual orientation and her love for partaking in sporting activities, especially swimming.

At the time of writing this article, not much is known about her personal life as she prefers to keep it private.

Lia Thomas before surgery

The amazing performance by Lia Thomas in her discipline, swimming, raised lots of concerns in the professional swimming communities, this is as a result of her being publically known to be a transgender woman.


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This means Lia Thomas was a man at a point in her life or possed masculine features before undergoing surgery to become a complete woman.

Again most of the information in this article is from online sources.

In the field of collegiate athletics, Lia is a well-known name. She is a dedicated collegiate swimmer who competes at the highest level.

During a competition involving Princeton and Cornell on Nov. 20, Thomas swam a 1:43.47 in the 200-meter freestyle and a 4:35.06 in the 500-meter freestyle.

Has Lia Thomas Transitioned Surgically?

Lia Thomas is proud to say she is a trans woman.

She was born a boy and decided to become a woman


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Well, recently, a photo of Lia Thomas before surgery went viral on social media.

For the past three years, she was known as Will Thomas.

Women who wish to compete must take testosterone suppression medication for a period of one year, as stipulated by the NCCA.

Lia has taken a lot of heat for her conduct. It’s clear that Lia’s supporters and detractors can be found on social media.

On the sports field, Lia is proud to represent the LGBTQ community, but she is also committed to creating a welcoming environment for her teammates.

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