Lia Thomas Before Surgery Photos

Lia Thomas was born as a boy, but after undergoing gender reassignment surgery, the athlete was transformed into a girl. Despite the controversy surrounding her appearance, Thomas has yet to reveal details about her family life, which is a bit puzzling. She does not have an official social media account. However, her family has supported her in her career, and they should be happy about her career achievements.

In the summer of 2018, Thomas realized she was transgender and had her gender reassignment surgery. Since then, she has faced criticism and a lot of backlash from the Internet. She was a star on the women’s swimming team at Penn, but her gender identity has been a hot topic of discussion. She has not disclosed her parents on social media, and her personal life has remained private.


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While competing as a woman, Lia Thomas decided to change her gender in the summer of 2018 after discovering she was trans. She has gone through a transition process and submitted testosterone medical reports to the NCAA. She is now a woman, but she has not completely lost her masculinity. As a transgender athlete, Thomas has taken heat from the internet, and the majority of her social media accounts don’t reveal her parents.

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