Poll: What’s The Best Star Fox Game?

Okay, what’s the SECOND best Star Fox game, then?

You hear that? That is the sound of a 25-year-old 64-bit Arwing firing up its turbo boosters as Lylat Wars fast approaches its quarter-century. (Yes, Lylat Wars — look it up, kids.)

To say that the Star Fox franchise never got better than its first sequel isn’t too controversial these days. The original game was a technical triumph on the 16-bit Super NES, of course, but the power of the Nintendo 64 enabled the developers to amp up the cinematic references and really immerse you in the Lylat system and the cockpit of Fox McCloud’s Arwing — with the Rumble Pak providing added immersion with some chunky force feedback. To this day, it’s a truly stellar game.

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