Skull and Bones leaked technical test footage shows off battles, customization, exploration, more

A tutorial video from a Skull and Bones technical test build has leaked online providing some details for the long-awaited pirate adventure.

Going by the leaked footage posted to Reddit, it appears you will start the game off at a pirate den located on an island. Here is where you can eventually craft new ships and equipment. You can also get provisions for your expeditions at sea, pick up contracts, and socialize with other players.

Throughout the game, you will earn a reputation that is tracked through infamy. The higher your infamy, the more opportunities you will unlock. You can grow your infamy by taking “high risk, high reward” contracts which are deals you make with NPCs in the world. If successful, you will be rewarded. If you fail, there will be penalties. Certain contracts can even be shared with a group of up to three. Other activities such as exploration, plundering, treasure hunts, world events, and more will also add to your infamy.

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