Sonic Frontiers is “still set to come out this holiday” despite only having one trailer

While we’ve only received one actual trailer for it, Sonic Frontiers is still apparently planned for a release this coming winter holiday.

This year might not be moving quite as fast as everyone’s favourite hedgehog, but it is steadily getting closer to the holiday season (sorry for reminding everyone it’s May now). But the holidays themselves apparently aren’t struggling to keep up with the hog. As spotted by Nintendo Life, Sega of America’s social media manager Katie Chrzanowski provided a very brief update into the state of Sonic Frontiers, saying that news will be coming “soon,” and that it’s still coming out this holiday.

“See a lot of people asking about [Sonic] Frontiers, we don’t have news on Frontiers today, but don’t worry, soon,” said Chrzanowski. “It’s still set to come out this holiday, so we will have news for you this year, don’t worry.”

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