Summer Games Done Quick 2022 reveals full charity speedrun schedule

Summer Games Done Quick returns with more charity speedruning attempts this June – with an in-person event to go with its online component for the first time in two years – and organisers have now revealed the full schedule, meaning you can begin planning your viewing now.

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick serves up a week of speedrunning fun from Sunday, 26th June to 3rd July, and will feature more than 120 speedruns over its run-time, with all money raised during the show going to Doctors Without Borders.

As ever, this year’s schedule is a pleasingly diverse thing, featuring retro classics, indie favourites, triple-A blockbusters, and a couple of oddities thrown in for good measure. The mighty Elden Ring is in there – perhaps inevitably given its speedrunning allure – and a further browse of the list reveals everything from Phasmophobia and Yakuza: Like a Dragon to Halo Infinite and McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure, all serving up various flavours of speedrun.

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