The Apex Legends macros cheating debate rages on

Macros have been a hot topic in Apex Legends for some time now. Providing players in the know with the ability to lower – or flat out remove – some of the input barriers to some of the game’s trickiest movement abilities. The use of macros walks the line between taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal and flat out cheating in the eyes of many in the community.

As such, we wanted to dive into the topic of Apex Legends macros and get to the bottom of whether it’s totally fair game, or a form of exploit just waiting for Respawn to stamp it out.

This topic recently get a new lease on life thanks to a popular post on the Apex Legends subreddit titled Why are macros being normalized?? In it, user armadillo_soup states their opinion that macros, alongside editing cfg files or adding scripts is cheating – full stop. Their post was inspired by the circulation of the aforementioned methods being shared widely via TikTok and Reddit as avenues for new movement techniques. Their opinion seems to have struck a chord, as the thread is full of like minded players mirroring their points with added gusto.

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