The best Star Wars Day deals for May 4th 2022

If you’re a Star Wars fan, or just like a good pun, then you’re probably aware that today, May the 4th, is Star Wars day.

Yes, May the fourth be with you, and may the deals and discounts be with you as well! Today is a day of celebrating everything Star Wars. There’s a new trailer for the Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi series dropping today, and there’s also loads of Star Wars-related deals to be had.

There’s so much Star Wars merchandise out there, from video games and Lego to action figures and clothes. It can be overwhelming to try and find the best deals across the internet, so we’ve taken advice from one Jedi master and listed the best places for Star Wars deals this Star Wars day, so you don’t have to try and find the best deals yourself.

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