The City of London Police have arrested three people over a Club Penguin fan server

Club Penguin Rewritten, a popular clone of Disney’s children’s MMO Club Penguin, has been taken down, with three arrested by London police.

Club Penguin was acquired by Disney in 2007, an MMO filled with penguins aimed at kids that was shut down in 2017, which unsurprisingly resulted in a number of unauthorised remakes on private servers. Club Penguin Rewritten was one of the more popular remakes, and it launched in 2017 once the game had shut down. Except, Disney’s now shut it down as well, because what is an IP if not something you can file a takedown over.

Not only this, but as reported by TechCrunch, Club Penguin Rewritten has been completely handed over to the City of London Police. The remake of the game had a popular Discord community, though the only remaining message is one that tags the entire server, with a message that reads “CPRewritten is shutting down effective immediately due to a full request by Disney. We have voluntarily given control over the website to the police for them to continue their copyright investigation.”

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