Valorant patch 4.09 nerfs Chamber, finally

Just when you think the current meta for Valorant couldn’t be shaken up further, Riot Games release yet another patch. While patch 4.09 is only a small one, we finally see some much-needed adjustments made to Chamber and competitive lobbies.

There’s no significant changes to Valorant’s most recent Agent, Fade, just yet. Whether or not she really needs nerfing is yet to be seen, as players are still attempting to unlock and learn her. It’ll be much easier to judge whether Fade will undergo any tweaks after a few more weeks or months settling into the roster of Agents. The only changes Fade is undergoing during patch 4.09 are some VFX tweaks to her abilities.

Chamber mains are a force to be reckoned with, especially at a competitive level. Despite only launching back in November 2021, Chamber now has one of the highest pick rates amongst the top ranks due to his offensive utility and Sentinel class. He can hold up a flank with ease, and we’ve all been culprit to his sniper at some point.

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