Who Is A. Porcia Palo? Restaurant Employee Who Shot Seattle Houseboat Fire Video

Video captures many boats catching fire on Lake Union in Washington state.

At after 11 p.m. on Friday, according to a live alert, Seattle firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire behind the China Harbor Restaurant on Westlake Avenue North along Lake Union.

Who is A. Porcia Palo? Restaurant employee who shot Seattle Houseboat fire video

According to a live alert, the Seattle Fire Department dispatched over a dozen units to a “fire in building.” A other video shows a number of ambulances and other emergency vehicles at the scene.

What caused the fire to start was not immediately apparent.

Who is A. Porcia Palo?

A. Porcia Palo, a worker at a nearby restaurant, captured a video of the enormous fire, which her mother gave to Fox News Digital.


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Social media users who saw the fire claimed it destroyed a structure and many boats.

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