Who Is Tudor Dixon? Republican Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate

Tudor Dixon, a Republican running for governor in Michigan, recently received the support of former president Donald Trump, which has raised awareness of her candidacy.

“She was not widely known, but I could tell she had something extremely special,” Trump recalled of Dixon when they first met.

Dixon, 45, was a media figure for the conservative internet news program America’s Voice News. Prior to that, she established Lumen News, a morning news program for elementary school pupils that was “pro-America, pro-Constitution,” according to her website.

Dixon worked as a sales manager for nearly ten years in the steel sector before moving into the media. He held positions with Michigan Steel Inc., Cast Steel Technology, and Finkl Steel.

According to Dixon’s IMDB website, she has a few acting credits as well. She starred as a zombie-eating character in the 2009 horror film “Buddy BeBop vs. The Living Dead.” She had a part in “Transitions: The Series” a year later, a vampire web series whose teaser caught the attention of some Twitter users.


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Dixon “dabbled in hobby acting with some locals in Kalamazoo when she was in her early thirties,” according to James Blair, the campaign’s top strategist, who was speaking to Insider.

Despite Trump’s support, Dixon reportedly disagrees with Betsy DeVos’ position on his involvement in the Jan. 6 uprising, according to The Hill.

DeVos left the Trump administration, citing the previous president’s participation in the disturbances at the Capitol.

“The secretary is aware of our divergent opinions on that matter. Political speech should always be protected, as doing otherwise could generate problems for people on both sides of the aisle. However, the secretary is aware that I do not share her opinion “Dixon said in a FOX News Sunday interview with Bret Baier.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Dixon has raised around $1.7 million in total since January. The news source said that a total of $71,500 was donated to Dixon by Dick and Betsy DeVos, eight other people from Michigan with the same last name, and eight other individuals.

Two of Dixon’s rivals withdrew from the campaign and were disqualified for purportedly procuring phony petition signatures.

According to NBC, Dixon has been polling poorly and having trouble raising money as of May. The businessman Kevin Rinke, the doctor Garrett Soldano, the real estate broker Ryan Kelley, and the preacher Ralph Rebandt are her Republican challengers. Currently, she is four points ahead of them.

Dixon has been the “grassroots candidate throughout this entire race,” according to Andy Surabian, a national GOP strategist, who spoke to NBC News.

She wasn’t thought of as a top-tier candidate throughout the most of the race, and the establishment made fun of her campaign. However, Surabian claimed that because of her natural talent, she has emerged as the front-runner.


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The mother of four wants to replace diversity, equality, and inclusion advisors in public schools with armed personnel, repeal the state’s personal income tax, and eliminate the COVID-19 mask rules. According to the website for her campaign, Dixon is a strong supporter of pro-life legislation.

According to The Daily Beast, Dixon said that a planned ballot measure that would guarantee Michigan residents access to abortions would “create a safe harbor for every type of predator out there.”

“Abortion is the one thing a predator enjoys more than anything else. Additionally, you can continue to harm a girl if you can arrange for an abortion without her parent’s knowledge “explained Dixon.

She will run against current governor Gretchen Whitmer in November if she prevails in the Republican primary on Tuesday. According to Newsweek, recent surveys indicate that Whitmer is likely to win again, but that the contest will be closed.

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