Zelda’s smallest adventure is the series’ biggest hidden gem

You’d be hard pressed to name a bigger powerhouse in the early 2000’s than Capcom; the house of Mega Man was on an absolute tear with near constant hits like Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe. Enjoying a similarly strong run was The Legend Of Zelda series. In the space of just five years, Ocarina of Time had revolutionised RPGs, Majora’s Mask and the Oracle games offered unique takes on the Zelda formula, and The Wind Waker stood as arguably the series’ best adventure yet.

So why is Capcom’s The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap seemingly so underappreciated?

The Minish Cap was released in 2004, and follows a new incarnation of Link who seeks to break a curse placed on Princess Zelda, after the destruction of the ‘sacred blade’ by the evil sorcerer Vaati. To do this, Link must seek out the Minish – a race of microscopic beings who forged the original sacred blade for a previous hero – to repair the blade and return Zelda to her former self. Aside from giving Ganon a break for once in favour of the fantastic Vaati, it’s a pretty standard Zelda plot. Thankfully, Minish Cap really shines in other aspects.

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